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Must-sees in Amsterdam

Whether it’s your first, second or third time in Amsterdam, in this city you will never get bored. There is so much to see – and do. Take for example the beautiful canals, Museum Square and the Anne Frank House. You will know them for sure. But are you also familiar with the Food Halls, the Westerpark and the EYE Film Institute? Get surprised by these 5 must-sees in Amsterdam.


 1. Westerpark

For sure you know the Vondelpark, the largest park of Amsterdam that houses an outdoor theatre and three restaurants. But there are over 30 other parks in Amsterdam to discover! The Westerpark is one of them. It is located in Amsterdam West, close to Central Station. You will find a lot of trees, ponds and picnic places across the park, which makes it a perfect place to relax. The Westerpark is part of the Westergasfabriek, a former gasworks with beautiful buildings, big events and a lot of bars and restaurants.

2. Waterlooplein Flea Market

The Waterlooplein Flea Market is a daily outdoor bazaar in the heart of the city center. It is the traditionally oldest market and was a Jewish market until the persecution of Jews by the Nazi. Today the market is located behind the Town Hall. Have a look around the 300 stands where you can buy new and second-hand clothes, books, video’s, electronics and curiosa. You can easily get to the Waterlooplein Flea Market by foot, tram or metro.

3. EYE Film Institute

Looking for a museum that is open day and night? Buy a ticket for EYE Film Institute. In this museum you can enjoy films, exhibitions, guided tours, kids activities and a lot more. Through visiting EYE you will learn all about cinema equipment, film stripes, technical developments and how a film comes to life. The museum is very interactive and invites you to discover the basic principles of film yourself. Fun guaranteed!

4. Food Halls

In the upcoming neighborhood Old West you will find the Food Halls (or Foodhallen in Dutch). This is the first indoor food market in the Netherlands and located in a former tram remise. You can even spot the old tram rails on the floor! The Food Halls enable you to experience different food concepts and cuisines at the same time. This foodie-hotspot is perfect though for sharing foods and drinks with your friends and family.

5. Amsterdam North

Did you know about Amsterdam North? This is actually a secret part of Amsterdam since a lot of visitors forget to take the ferry (for free) up north. Along the banks of the IJ you will find beautiful spots to hangout, grab a beer and catch the sun. Moreover, Amsterdam North is famous to the inhabitants of the city because of all the festivals and events that are held. So, get to the ferry and hop on!

Tip: You can also try a cheese tasting with your friends!

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