First action during an Escape Room, afterwards relaxing at the cheese tasting

Going out with friends, colleagues or family in Amsterdam? Wondering what you should do? Think of an Escape Room combined with a cheese tasting. In the first part you will pump the adrenaline through your veins while you’re trying to escape from the room and during the second part there’s plenty of room for relaxation during a cheese tasting with matching wine. Sounds like a perfect activity, right?

Of course you can go to a bar, have dinner in a restaurant or play a bowling game. But sometimes you just want to do something different and more unique. An Escape Room combined with a cheese tasting is thé perfect match for everybody who’s looking for an unique activity in Amsterdam.

Action and adrenaline during Escape Room Save Amsterdam

If you’ve ever done an Escape Room, you know the rules. You will be locked up together with your friends, colleagues or family and you have to try to escape from the room with the help of hidden hints. May sound easy, but it is the opposite. And the Escape Room from Save Amsterdam is extremely difficult! You can pick one of the three rooms; the Black Hole Escape Room, Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room and the Water Flood Escape Room. The name tells the goal of the Escape Room: you have to save Amsterdam from the demise. All three rooms are set together very realistic. The staff members from Save Amsterdam would love to tell you which room suits you and your company. But of course you can also pick yourself a room and reserve a date and time at the website. The Escape Rooms from Save Amsterdam are really a unique and exciting experience where teamwork is the most important thing to get out. Also recommended to do with your colleagues!

Cheese tasting Old Amsterdam Cheese

Take this advice: after all the adrenaline and tension during the Escape Room, you will like to relax afterwards. Of course you can go for your regular drinks and bites, but the best way to end an unique experience such as an Escape Room, is a Cheese tasting. During this one hour cheese tasting a true cheese expert will teach you everything about different kinds of cheese, how cheese tastes and which wine-cheese combinations taste good together. There is enough room for chatting about the exciting Escape Room. Also, you will learn the secret of the Westland family and the way the real Old Amsterdam Cheese is made. During the Escape Room you get – next to the delicious wine which suit extremely good with the cheese – fig bread and grapes to neutralize the taste.

So: are you looking for an activity where there’s a lot of adrenaline going on during the first part and you can chill during the second part? Make your reservation for the cheese tasting and the Escape Room.

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