Experience Amsterdam like a Dutchie!

Experience Amsterdam like a Dutchie!

Visiting Amsterdam for the weekend or a holiday and want to explore Amsterdam like a Dutchie? You will find all the recommendations for a Dutch way of exploring the capital of Holland. In this way it will be a true Amsterdam Experience!

The Dutch way: by bike

The first tip for exploring Amsterdam? Rent a bike and make sure to drive save and on the right side of the road. Nothing more fun than exploring a new city by bike, according to the Dutchies. In Amsterdam a bike is a must-have, you can go through all the small streets and explore way more of the city then when you are walking. But also more than when you are choosing for public transport, because public transport doesn’t get to all the small streets Amsterdam owns. A great way to explore and discover the city. Bikes are easy to rent, there are multiple bike rent shops throughout the entire center.

Food, drinks & wooden shoes

Say Amsterdam in a foreign country and you will probably hear ‘Wooden Shoes’. Of course, not everybody in Amsterdam walks on wooden shoes anymore, but back in the days everybody used to. That is why you will see several touristic shops in Amsterdam, where you can buy wooden shoes. Nice as a souvenir!

Are you a day in Amsterdam? Start your day off right with a breakfast out. There are several cool spots in the city where you can have breakfast and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Then step on your bike and discover the city. Want another cup of coffee? Make sure to have a coffee with Dutch apple pie and whip cream. Delicious! Visit a museum, go for a walk in one of the many parks or go to the shopping area. Lunchtime? Try Dutch bread with 2 Van Dobben croquettes or go for a pancake. Nothing more Dutch then pancakes! Then continue shopping and make sure you see enough of the city by bike.

Go for the Amsterdam Experience!

And then it’s time for the favorite part of the Dutchies: cheese! On the Damrak you will find the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. You can make a reservation for a cheese tasting at 5 pm. Every day of the week. A Cheese Tasting is a true Amsterdam experience. A cheese expert will tell you everything about different types of cheeses, how it’s made and you will learn the history of the Old Amsterdam Cheese. You will try 5 different types of cheese, combined with a suiting wine. This wine is picked out by a sommelier, so you can bet that it will taste great. Next to this there is an interactive quiz with questions about the story the cheese expert has told. Curious? You can make a reservation or find more information on the website.


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