A culinary experience in Amsterdam – including tips for great restaurants

Whether you live in Amsterdam or you’re visiting the city: picking a restaurant is always a hell of a job. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; finding a perfect spot is never easy. And in Amsterdam, where there’s a new restaurant opening every week, it’s even more difficult to find a nice spot. But we’re here to help you: in this blog you will find 5 restaurants worth mentioning. Do you already know them?

Would you like to do something fun before your dinner in a restaurant? Have a drink with some bites? Ofcourse you can just go to a ‘regular’ bar, but you can also try something else. Have you ever thought of a cheesetasting? You will taste delicious cheeses, learn how they are made and you will taste several cheese-wine combinations. Perfect as an aperitif! Click here for more information or to make a reservation.

  1. Restaurant de Kas
    Only for the experience of eating in a greenhouse, you should go here. But more important: the food is great. Everything on your plate is super fresh, it comes out of the ground right on your plate (well ofcourse it’s prepared to eat). And that’s what you’ll taste! The products are – ofcourse – super fresh and seasonal. It’s a culinary experience not many other restaurants can beat. You can visit the restaurant during lunch- or dinnertime. You will find the restaurant in Amsterdam East on the Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3.
  2. Supperclub
    The Supperclub is very well-known. Not just in Amsterdam, you’ll find Supperclub in Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Istanbul as well. It’s not just a restaurant. It’s a gallery, bar and dancing all in one. In Supperclub you will get a 4-course menu while laying on massive beds. During dinner it’s not the just about the food, also entertainment is an important part of the Supperclub experience. There are all kinds of live performances, every night in a different theme. So before visiting, you’ll never truly know what to expect. Nice detail: when entering the silver doors of the theatre, you have to take off your shoes. So washing your feet before visiting is a must! Supperclub is at the Singel 460 in Amsterdam.
  3. The Avocado Show
    Do you love avocado’s? Can’t you get enough of it? Than The Avocado Show is worth visiting. The founders of this restaurant wanted the superfood on a statue and opened the first all avocado restaurant in Holland. This means that whatever you pick from the menu, there’s always avocado involved. The dishes are invented by the chefs in collaboration with topchef Jaimie van Heijden. It’s not just that the dishes taste delicious, the plates are also stunning and mouthwatering. It’s first come, first serve at the door, so no reservations possible. Just walk in and sign up at the door with the host. The address is Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 HS in Amsterdam. You can visit the Avocado Show for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Good to know: they only accept card payments.
  4. Vuurtoreneiland
    We must say, this is not a last minute reservation restaurant. You have to reserve your place two months early to be able to eat at the Vuurtoreneiland (Lighthouse island). But, if you were lucky enough to make a reservation, it’s a great experience! For €100,00 per person you will get a fully catered evening. Including 1hr boat trip from the Lloyds Hotel to the island, a 5-course menu, wine arrangement, table water and coffee and tea. At 18.30 sharp the boat will leave from Lloyds Hotel and about 23.30 you will be back there. The food is all pure and fresh: good meat, fish from the bone and seasonal vegetables. An exclusive experience!
  5. Ciel Bleu
    Something to celebrate? Reserve your spot at Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam. The restaurant is on the 23th floor of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam. A two Michelin star restaurant which offers you a great view all over the city. Four times a year the large menu at Ciel Bleu will be changed. Dietary requirements? Let the chefs know! They will always keep that in mind while preparing your food. Good to know: Ciel Bleu is expensive, but it’s more than you’re ‘regular’ dinner out. It’s a night out you will remember for a long time!


Dessert? Cheesetasting!

Are you craving a cheeseboard as a dessert but do you want to leave the restaurant? Make a reservation for a cheese tasting! You will taste delicious cheeses with matching wines. Above that you’ll learn a lot about cheese. Perfect as a closure of a fancy dinner! Click here for more information or to make a reservation.

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