Blog of Old Amsterdam Cheese Store on spending 24 hours in Amsterdam.

24 hours in Amsterdam

24 hours in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you enjoy yourself for days or even weeks. But what if you’ve only got to spend one day? Get everything out of these 24 hours with the tips of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

7:00 AM

It’s never too early for a cup of good coffee! East57 is a coffee bar which opens every day by 6.30 AM, so you can start your day very early in here. In addition to the ‘standard’ coffee types, you will also find several slow coffees and homemade pastries. Easy57 is part of hotel Casa in Amsterdam-East.

10:00 AM

Ready for a bit of cultural heritage? Visit the Rijksmuseum, walk through Artis Zoo or go to the Tropenmuseum. With the I Amsterdam City Card you can enter for free more than 30 museums in Amsterdam, so if you want to visit several museums one day, this is recommended.

1:00 PM

Lunch! Amsterdam has thousands of hotspots for lunch, but what about a real Dutch sandwich? That’s why you are should have lunch at Berry Amsterdam on the Bilderdijkkade, where you can order an original sandwich with young cheese, pate or peanut butter.

5:00 PM

Do you want to learn something new while enjoying a wine? That can be done during a cheese tasting of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store! In about 1 hour you will learn how to make cheese, which wine suits what cheese, and what is the secret of real Dutch cheeses. You also play an interactive quiz about cheese.

6:00 PM

Time to eat! But since you only have 24 hours in Amsterdam, you might want to combine food with something fun too. In that case, you should try the TonTon Club. Here you can enjoy a delicious oriental dinner and play great arcade games. Think of air hockey, karaoke, multipingpong and dance mats.

10:00 PM

Have you ever visited a bar where it’s freezing 10 degrees? In the Xtracold IceBar it is! You will receive a very warm jacket and thick gloves, and then enter the frozen bar. The walls, the chairs, and the bar itself are all made of ice! A shooter to keep you warm is included.

1:00 AM

Amsterdam’s nightlife offers something for everyone. Do you want to dance in the club or spend some hours in a brown bar? Everything is possible. Get on the dancefloor of Disco Dolly’s, visit Holland Casino or sing Dutch songs at Café Nol. Time to go home? Not without a croquet ‘from the wall’ at the FEBO.


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