10 special museums in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for cultural activities in Amsterdam, you’ve probably noticed that there’s enough to do in Amsterdam. In this article you find 10 special museums in Amsterdam. Whether you would like to go to a museum about photography, the city Amsterdam or culture all over the world; for culture lovers there is enough to do in Amsterdam.

Tip: combine the museum visit with a cheese tasting. Nice to talk about all the art you’ve seen this day by some drinks and bites, while a real cheese experts explains everything about cheese and cheese/wine-combinations.


The Rijksmuseum is one of the biggest and most famous museums of Amsterdam and in the Netherlands. In the Rijksmuseum you will find ‘De Nachtwacht’ (in English it’s better known as the ‘Night watch’) from Rembrandt. But there are not just paintings in this museum. Also fashion designs and modern pieces, like a dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965 inspired by Mondriaan, are shown here.


The Hermitage in Amsterdam exhibits a changing collection. Two times a year there’s a big exposition with art from the collection of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. But they also exhibits different museum collections from, for example, the Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Dolhuys. In museum the Hermitage there is also room for smaller, local expositions.

Van Gogh Museum

In the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam you’ll find the biggest collection with Van Gogh art. But, next to this collection, you’ll find all the information about Van Gogh’s life. Are you curious about the life and art from this artist? Then the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is definitely recommended.

Anne Frank Huis

The Anne Frank house is a monument in memorial of Anne Frank. The Anne Frank house is the house where she and her family were hiding during the occupation of Holland in the 2nd world war. In Dutch it’s called ‘het Achterhuis’, but in English it’s better known as ‘The Secret’. Because of the history from this house, it really is a museum with a story.


The Scheepvaartmuseum (Shipping museum) in Amsterdam has the biggest – except one – maritime collection in the world. It is based in the former ‘s Lands Zeemagazijn. This is a 17th century building which, during the 17th century, served as a warehouse. Nowadays this building has a monumental status and it serves as the Scheepsvaartmuseum. In this museum you’ll learn everything about the maritime history of Holland.


The Rembrandthuis (meaning: Rembrandthouse) has its name because artist Rembrandt van Rijn used to live here in the 17th century. Nowadays the building has a monumental status and the museum households here. With the use of an inventory list from that time, the house is carefully furnished so that it looks the same as back then. Thanks to this furnishing you can take a look in his kitchen, atelier and living room. The museum holds the almost complete collection of etches from Rembrandt and develops expositions of him and his predecessors.

Nemo Science Museum

In the Nemo Science Museum you’ll learn how fascinating science and technique can be. The museum has five flours with exhibitions, experiments and workshops. Nemo is a very interactive museum which makes it super fun for kids!

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is a city museum. It’s the museum for everyone who wants to know everything about Amsterdam. You’ll find information about the past of the city, but also the present and the future are themes which will be highlighted in the museum.


The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam is about people. You’ll find a lot of information about people from every culture with universal themes like praying, fighting or celebrating. There are changing exhibitions in the museum, but also a permanent collection.

Foam photography museum Amsterdam

Foam is a photography museum. This modern museum in Amsterdam shows a lot of different facets of the present photography. They organize a lot of different activities in the museum. An important pillar of this museum is giving a stage to young talent. Foam organizes regularly photography projects abroad.

Tip: enough from the art? Make sure to end this day in a special way with a cheese tasting. During the cheese tasting you can have a nice chat about all the art and controversial work you’ve seen during the day, while enjoying a nice glass of wine and delicious cheese. Not just wine and cheese, it’s a cheese tasting; so during this hour you will learn everything about cheese/wine-combinations, will a real cheese expert explain how the cheese is made and you will discover the secret of the Westlandfamily. If that isn’t a perfect finish of a cultural day in Amsterdam.

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