Cheese Tasting

Cheese tasting in the heart of Amsterdam

Cheese tasting at Old Amsterdam Cheese Store Amsterdam

Are you a real cheese lover and do you fancy a unique experience in the heart of Amsterdam? A cheese tasting at Old Amsterdam Cheese Store might be a great idea for you. During this tasting, you will discover five different types of cheese and learn all about their characteristics. You get to taste them in combination with specially selected wines. Want to try? Come to the store at Damrak 62 Amsterdam at Old Amsterdam Cheese Store now.

Why is this cheese tasting unique in Amsterdam?

During our 20-minute cheese tasting you will learn from an expert how to really taste cheese. Are you able to distinguish the different flavours, herbs and textures? After your visit, you can point to the differences between the cheeses you have tasted. Besides. Of course, you can also experience the flavour of our own unique ‘Old Amsterdam Cheese’ which is only available in our stores.

Cheese and wine tasting

The cheeses will be sampled along with a number of specially selected wines that best complement each one. To cleanse your palette between tasting one cheese and the next, we serve fig bread, syrupwafels and grapes. The highlight of your visit is, of course, the tasting of Old Amsterdam with a specially selected wine. This is why you will also learn some about wine-food combinations during the cheese tasting in Amsterdam. Get surprised by the exceeding combinations of cheese and wine!

Cheese tasting in Amsterdam with family and friends

Enjoy this unique cheese tasting experience in Amsterdam with your family and friends. The cheese tasting will take place on the first floor of our cheese store at Damrak 62 in Amsterdam, where our cheese tasting room was designed to take you back to Amsterdam as it was more than a hundred years ago. The cheese tasting room is on the first floor which is accessible only by a staircase.

Reserve your spots

Are you mouthwatering yet? The tasting is for only walk-ins. You are unable to make reservations. So, come to our store @Damrak 63 and join our unique tasting!

Included in the cheese tasting

  • A 20-minute cheese tasting experience
  • Five different kinds of excellent cheese
  • Wines selected by a sommelier to complement the cheeses
  • Water and fig bread to cleanse your palette between tasting the various cheeses
  • The history of the Westland family
  • How cheese is made
  • The secrets of Old Amsterdam Cheese
  • A free souvenir to remember your cheese tasting experience