Old Amsterdam Party


This box is filled with our 3 bestsellers! The Old Amsterdam Goat, Old Amsterdam Classic and the Old Amsterdam Vintage. The Old Amsterdam Classic is our signature cheese. This Gouda cheese has been matured for 8-months and even though it’s old, it still has a creamy texture with salt crystals. The Old Amsterdam Goat has been matured for 1-year and has a very strong and mild flavor. The Old Amsterdam Vintage is the oldest and most exclusive Old Amsterdam cheese. The Old Amsterdam Vintage has been matured for 2-years. The strong and delicious flavour makes it the cheese that Dutchies love best! What do you think? Can you taste the difference between Old Amsterdam Classic and Old Amsterdam Vintage? Added to the box you receive authentically engraved cheeseboard and a branded mini-cheese slicer. A perfect ‘thank you’ gift!


Old Amsterdam Goat
Old Amsterdam Classic
Old Amsterdam Vintage
Sweet Mustard
Mini Cheese Slicer


This is our bestseller! It is a box filled with three types of our delicious Old Amsterdam cheese. Perfectly combined with a glass of red wine and a great way to enjoy these cheeses on a Friday night.