Give me Goat!


The cheese has been made with goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk, thus the colouring is much whiter than Gouda cheese. The first and oldest Cheese is our bestseller Old Amsterdam Goat. The Old Amsterdam goat’s cheese has been matured for 1-year and has a very strong salty flavor. The second cheese is our Gouda Goat. This cheese has been matured for 4-months and has a softer, creamier texture. The last but definitely not least, is our Baby Gouda Goat-Truffle cheese. This is the best sold Baby Gouda cheese in our store. The Baby Gouda Goat-Truffle has been matured for only 6-weeks. Therefore, this is the baby version of all our other Gouda cheeses. The strong tuffle flavour creates a beautifully unique taste.


1x Old Amsterdam Goat
1x Gouda Goat
1x Baby Gouda Goat-Truffle
1x Fig Bread
1x Fig Chutney

To all of you whom adore goat’s cheese, this box was meant for you! This box had been put together with the three best selling goat’s cheeses available in our store. Fig is the best combination with goats cheese and therefore we included fig chutney and fig bread in the box.