All Generations


The first cheese included in the All Generations box is our oldest cheese, named the Old Amsterdam Vintage. The Old Amsterdam Vintage has been matured for 2-years. The strong and delicious flavour makes it the cheese that Dutchies love best. The second cheese is the Old Amsterdam Classic. This is our signature cheese. This Gouda cheese has been matured for 8-months and even though it’s old, it still has a creamy texture with salt crystals. The next cheese is our traditional Gouda Mild. This cheese has been matured for 4-months and has a soft, creamy texture and a mild flavor. This is a perfect example of a natural gouda cheese. The final cheese included in the All Generations box is the Baby Gouda Natural. The Baby Gouda is a very young Gouda and has been matured for 6 to 8 weeks. It’s our youngest  Gouda cheese we have, which is why we call it the ‘Baby’ Gouda. It has a very soft, creamy flavour. Which generation is your favourite? Let us know!

1x Old Amsterdam Vintage
1x Old Amsterdam Classic
1x Gouda Mild
1x Baby Gouda Natural

This box has specially been designed for all generations. The box is filled with all the neutral flavours. All cheeses have been matured different ages and therefore all textures and flavours are different.