Gouda Cheese

It is one of the most famous cheeses in the world: Gouda Cheese. But originally this cheese is from Holland. It is a yellow, hard cheese with mild flavour, which is loved all over the world. Nowadays the name is used for cheeses that are produced in the same way as the original Dutch Gouda Cheese, but it never tastes the same as it does in the country of cheese: The Netherlands.

Cheese of Gouda

Gouda is a Dutch city and that is what the cheese is named after. It is not, as many people think, because the cheese was made or founded there, but it is called this way because it was traded there. Nowadays it is one of the last commercial cheese markets of Holland. Even though it is originally a Dutch cheese, a lot of countries sell Gouda Cheese. This is because the name wasn’t protected. This means that every country around the world can produce and sell ‘Gouda Cheese’. But the best is always in Holland.

Selling points

You can buy Gouda Cheese everywhere. From supermarkets to the originally Gouda Market and of course in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. With three shops in the city of Amsterdam, there is always one close when you visit the capital of Holland. In these shops only true cheese experts are at work. They can tell you everything about the cheese, from how it’s made to the best wines to drink with the cheese.

Cheese tasting

Are you curious about the taste of Gouda Cheese and other cheeses from Holland? Then reserve your spot at a cheese tasting. Daily at 5 pm there is a cheese tasting at the store on Damrak in Amsterdam centre. During this tasting, you will try different cheese combined with suiting wines. These are set together by a sommelier. The cheese expert will tell you everything you need and want to know about Gouda Cheese and the other cheeses. Curious? Reserve your spot!

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store B.V.

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