Dutch Cheese

Farmers, cows, wooden shoes, tullips and…. Cheese of course! What’s more Dutch then cheese? If you are looking for typical Dutch Cheese, make sure to visit the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. With three locations in the centre of Amsterdam, there is always one close to your place. The cheese experts in the stores are always happy to help you.

About the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

The Old Amsterdam Cheese store isn’t just a place where they sell cheese. It’s a family company. They are inspired by the Golden Century. During this century, the world gets to know the Netherlands by their worldwide export of products. This is exactly what the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store wants to accomplish. They are presenting their souvenirs worldwide.

Cheese Tasting

Are you curious about the taste of true Dutch Cheese? Make sure to reserve a spot at the Cheese Tasting in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak. You can join the cheese tasting every afternoon at 5 p.m. It is necessary to reserve your spot at the cheese tasting. During this tasting you will try five different cheeses, combined with a suiting wine. This wine is picked out by a true sommelier. A cheese expert will tell you everything you want to know about Dutch cheese and there is an interactive quiz. The winner of this quiz will get a nice souvenir to bring home.

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store B.V.

Damrak 62
1012 LM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20-3301602