Buy cheese online in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Webshop

Have you been to Amsterdam and enjoyed the flavor of Dutch cheeses? You can now have them back home too. The webshop of Old Amsterdam Cheese Store enables you to buy cheese online and have it sent to your home. The Old Amsterdam cheese is shipped worldwide, so you can enjoy this unique flavor wherever you want to. Are you ready to place your order?

Take your favorite cheese home

When the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store first opened her doors in March 2013, it was very unique because of the cheese concept sold here. In contrast to other cheese sellers, at Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you can buy cheese as a souvenir package. Because the cheese is made from pasteurized milk and vacuum sealed, all the cheeses are allowed for traveling. It enables you to take home your favorite cheeses and let your friends and family discover the special flavors.

Buy your favorite cheese online

In February 2015, the Old Amsterdam Cheese store introduced a webshop. In the webshop you buy cheese online which makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite cheeses back home. Old Amsterdam Cheese Stores ships worldwide and of course all cheeses will be packed to keep the quality during shipping. Like strong cardboard boxes and cool packs. Want to know more about our great shipping rates? Fill in your destination country on the checkout page to get your shipping quote.

‘What cheese can I buy online?

The webshop of Old Amsterdam Cheese Store has a lot to offer for cheese lovers. First of all, you will find small and large pieces of different cheese types in the webshop. Of course, it is also possible to buy a wheel or a half of our Old Amsterdam cheese. Besides, the webshop offers a lot of tasty cheese snacks, like Old Amsterdam cubes. Are you ready to try something new? Have a look at the Gouda Specialties. For example, try the 100% handcrafted cheeses with olive, green pesto, hemp or chili. And if you want to surprise your friends or family with a souvenir, order a gift package of Old Amsterdam cheese or Gouda Specialties.

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