Winter in Amsterdam

Winters in Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam during the winter? Lucky you! The city isn’t just fun in the sun, but also in the winter. There are plenty of options for a nice activity with friends, family or colleagues. We made a little list with some of the best activities to do during winter.

  1. Foodhallen

    Amsterdam has her own food hall! In this hall you can try different dishes by a lot of different small restaurants. There are about 20 different ‘stores’ where you can try and buy small, different bites. From Michelin star concepts till international streetfood dishes. Whatever you like! Definitely worth the visit during a cold winter day.

  2. Light Festival

    A yearly event in Amsterdam is the ‘Amsterdam Light Festival’. During this event the historic centre and canals are the decor. The city is decorated with lights. Artists from all over the world are making light art which you can visit by foot but also by tour boat. In 2019 this event is from November 29th till January 20th.

  3. Pub crawl

    A fun activity with friends? Go for a pub crawl! Put on your winter coat and warm clothes and get ready for a pub crawl. Through internet there are different setup pub crawls for download, but of course you can also go on your own adventure crawl. Start somewhere near by the station and get ready for a long walk through different small streets to find out what you’d like to visit.

  4. Ice skating on Museumplein

    Every year the Museum Square gets transformed to a winter wonderland. Put on your ice-skates and go for the ice court. Not such a fan of ice-skating and frozen water? Buy a nice hot chocolate with whip cream or a cup of ‘snert’ (split pea soup) and watch the other people ice-skating (and struggle). Pleasure guaranteed!

  5. Cheese tasting!

    Wine and cheese, cheese and wine. Sounds like music in your ears? Then reserve your spot at the cheese tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. Daily from 5 pm at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store on the Damrak. During this one and a half hour tasting, you will try different types of cheese combined with suiting wines. These wines are set together by a true sommelier. Success guaranteed!

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