The perfect company outing in Amsterdam

All of us are very busy. Fulltime jobs are combined with a busy social life, kids, sports and various other activities. That is why every now and then, after a busy day at work, it’s time for an outing. Because after exertion comes relaxation!

Teambuilding important

A happy employee is very valuable. That’s why companies where hard work is combined with breaks, fun and relaxation in a healthy way, have an ideal starting position. Happy, dedicated employees work harder, are more productive and feel more of a connection with their employer. That is why outings are important, both for teambuilding and the individual satisfaction of every employee!

Many possibilities

Of course there are countless possibilities for things to do together. A nice pub quiz to stimulate competition, a survival trip during which colleagues have to rely on each other, a boat tour with everyone getting the opportunity to lean back and enjoy the surroundings… But that you know that the Amsterdam Cheese Store is also the ideal place for a relaxed team outing?

History Old Amsterdam

Because we organise delicious wine and cheese tastings for groups of all sizes and ages. For a full hour, you and your colleagues can enjoy the five different cheeses, combined with fitting wines. During the cheese tasting, you will learn everything about the history of the Old Amsterdam cheeses and the Westland-family (Westland Kaas is the parent enterprise of Old Amsterdam and goes way back). You will also learn the secrets of our unique flavours and you will learn how to taste cheese the right way. How do you distinguish different textures and spices and what is the best way to combine cheeses on a snack board?

Contact us

You and your colleagues will also be tested during an interesting quiz, and we will tell you everything about making cheese. An ideal opportunity to relax with colleagues while enjoying some snacks and beverages!

We organise our cheese tastings for groups between 15 and 50 persons! Please contact us to make a reservation.

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