Going out with friends, colleagues or family in Amsterdam? Wondering what you should do? Think of an Escape Room combined with a cheese tasting. In the first part you will pump the adrenaline through your veins while you’re trying to escape from the room and during the second part there’s
Whether you live in Amsterdam or you’re visiting the city: picking a restaurant is always a hell of a job. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; finding a perfect spot is never easy. And in Amsterdam, where there’s a new restaurant opening every week, it’s even more difficult to find a
Time for taste Old Amsterdam is a premium aged cheese with a mild sweetness. It is rich in maturation crystals but is still easy to slice. This cheese, named after the most liberal city in the world, represents pure pleasure. With its own unique recipe, it has received numerous accolades
The history of Old Amsterdam cheese is one about passion, craftsmanship and enthusiasm. The origins of this characteristic cheese take us to the capital as it was at the end of the nineteenth century. A quest for the full flavor of olden Amsterdam would ultimately lead to one of the
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24 hours in Amsterdam In Amsterdam, you enjoy yourself for days or even weeks. But what if you’ve only got to spend one day? Get everything out of these 24 hours with the tips of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. 7:00 AM It's never too early for a cup of
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Whether it’s your first, second or third time in Amsterdam, in this city you will never get bored. There is so much to see – and do. Take for example the beautiful canals, Museum Square and the Anne Frank House. You will know them for sure. But are you also
13th Century Amsterdam owes its name to a dam that was constructed in the river Amstel (dam in the Amstel). In the 13th century, the Amstel ran through the Amstelland. To protect the land from the water, dykes were constructed along the Zuiderzee and the IJ. In the mouth of
Gouda cheese Gouda cheese is wheel-shaped and weighs 1 to 16 kg. Gouda cheese contains at least 48% fat (usually 51%) in dry matter. This means that Gouda cheese contains this percentage in fat without moisture. Fat content including moisture is 32% on the basis of weight. As the Gouda