Old Amsterdam Cheese Store kaasproeverij met passende wijn

Cheese tasting & Friday afternoon drinks

Finally! After a long week of working it’s time for Friday afternoon drinks! Of course, you can get your regular beers and wine from the fridge at the office, put some crisps in a can and maybe fry some ‘bitterballen’, but you can also make it a little more luxurious. Reserve a cheese tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak in Amsterdam. If you do this, you’re ensured of a unique Friday afternoon drink experience.

Cheese tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

If you are looking for a unique Friday afternoon drink, you will feel comfortable at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store during the cheese tasting. You can enjoy a cheese tasting leaded by a true cheese expert. During this one-hour cheese tasting you will taste different cheeses, combined with a wine which suits the cheese great. The cheese and wine will be served with fig bread and grapes to neutralize the taste. On top of that, the cheese expert will teach you everything you need to know about the different types of cheese, you will discover the secret of the Westland family and you will learn the secret of the one and only Old Amsterdam Cheese. After the cheese tasting you didn’t just had a nice drink, you also know more about wine-food combinations. And that’s nice information for the next Friday afternoon drink. Afterwards you will get a gift to bring back home.

Colleagues, friends and family

The Cheese tasting from the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is thé perfect Friday afternoon outing with you colleagues. Next to enjoying the wine and cheese, you truly learn something and of course there’s enough room to talk about the last week. But it is also a very nice activity to do with friends or family. There’s a cheese tasting every day at 5 in the afternoon at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak in Amsterdam. You can reserve a spot online. The location from the tasting is on the first floor of the building. That means the cheese- and wine tasting is only accessible by stairs. Do you have questions or do you want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

I want the cheese, but don’t live in Amsterdam

Don’t you live in Amsterdam but do you want to experience the true Old Amsterdam Cheese? You can just order it at the webshop from Old Amsterdam Cheese. Not just in Holland, but also outside the Netherlands we deliver the cheese fast and save. Your cheese is wrapped very well so we can guarantee the quality of the cheese during the shipment. We will send the cheese in hard cardboard boxes with cooling elements. Of course the whole shipment is against great shipping ranges. Curious what the costs will be to deliver the best cheese in the world on your front door? You can check it here. Idea: of course you can order the great cheeses for the Friday afternoon drink at the office.

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