A nice furnished cheese platter? Ask for advice!

Cheese platter

Some people like sweet, others like savoury. Even though this differences, there is one thing most people like: a good cheese platter. As dessert, as a bite with some drinks or as a part of the meal. With a cheese platter you can never go wrong. But it is important that you know which cheeses taste good together, whice wine suits with the cheeses and that you know something about neutralizing the taste after eating cheese.

How do you set up a cheese platter?

A cheese platter is mostly set up according to taste. Do you like pithy cheeses or are you a fan of cheeses that taste a bit more soft? The texture of the different cheeses is also important. In our webshop you will find different kind of cheeses. You will (ofcourse) find the one and only Old Amsterdam Cheese, but also specialities from Gouda and pairing product, for example a very nice apple chutney. Easy and fast delivery! With fresh guaranty thanks to strong hardboard boxes and cooling elements we add to the package. We deliver cheeses all around the world. So also oversees you can enjoy a delicious Dutch cheese platter.

Doubts? Reserve a cheese tasting!

Are you in doubt about which cheese you do an do not like? Or do you know which cheeses belong to your favourites, but don’t you know this from your partner, family or friends? Reserve a cheese tasting with them. During this cheese tasting from an hour you will learn everything about different kinds of cheese, how these are made and about suiting wines. The cheese will be served with grapes and fig bread to neutralize the taste. A true cheese expert tells you about the secret of the Westland family, will learn you the way cheese is made and the secret of the one and only Old Amsterdam Cheese isn’t a secret anymore after the tasting. There’s a cheese tasting every day at 5 pm at the location on the Damrak. You can reserve online. Mind this: the location of the tasting is only accessible by stairs.

After the cheese tasting; the perfect cheese platter

After the cheese tasting you will have more knowlodge about cheese, you’ve had a fun time with nice drinks and bites but – maybe most importantly – you will know exactly which cheese you like and which cheeses your friends like. This means you will know how to set up a delicious cheese platter. We do have a few extra hints for the perfect cheese platter:

  • Make sure the furnishing looks good! Very important: pick a nice plate, platter or tray to serve the cheeses on.
  • Do not forget to place the neutralizing grapes or fig bread on the platter.
  • Pick cheeses that are different from taste, texture and appearance.
  • Make sure every cheese has it’s own knife and keep the texture (is it a hard or soft cheese) in mind.
  • Check (before you serve the cheese platter) if you can or cannot eat the crust of the cheese.
  • Pick wines (alcohol free for the people who do not drink alcohol) which suit the cheeses.

Do you have questions? The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is always there to help you! Step by at the store, reserve a cheese tasting or take a look in our webshop.

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