5 Amsterdam parks that are ideal for a picnic

Wonderful, the sun is shining! Outdoor life can start again! Terraces are full, you can go cycling without a coat, and yes, even going for a run is no longer a hardship during the summer season. So go out! In these 6 parks in Amsterdam, you can have a wonderful picnic.

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Very few parks are as diverse as the Westerpark. This area, with the Westergasterrein as its cultural centre, has something for everyone. You can go jogging, skating or cycling for many kilometres, in summer you can go swimming or paddling, and in the large complex of allotment and school gardens you can take a nostalgic walk between the garden houses, vegetables and flowers. And finally: of course the Westerpark has a lot of grass fields that are perfect for putting down a blanket and having a sandwich!


The Flevopark has a unique location in Amsterdam-Oost, to the east of the Indische buurt. The park has a lot of important landmarks, such as the Nieuwe Diep, the dike along the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal and the Jewish cemetery. Marvel at it all while you take a break in the grass.


A special oasis of rest in Amsterdam-Noord: the Vliegenbos. In the middle of a busy city district, you will find a unique bit of nature. The Vliegenbos is the oldest city forest of Amsterdam and offers a large diversity of flora and fauna. It’s very nice to take a walk here, and the many benches in the park are very suitable to have a lunch break.


The Gaasperpark is vibrant, there is always a lively atmosphere here. This beautiful green zone in Amsterdam-Zuidoost borders the Gaasperplas, where you can go swimming in the summer. Along the shores, and in the many peaceful places in the Gaasperpark, you can sit for hours without getting bored.

Park Frankendael

A Pearl in Oost: Park Frankendael. A beautiful, extensive park that is bursting with history, nature and culture. Especially Huize Frankendael, the last monumental country house in Amsterdam, is worth a visit. Take a long walk in this park and afterwards treat yourself to a summer picnic underneath a tree, in a secluded spot near a pond, or on one of the special benches of Park Frankendael (try and find the ‘swans bench’!).

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