24 hours in… Amsterdam

A day, a weekend, a week… secretly we think that you can never be in Amsterdam long enough to really get to know the city. That makes it even more important that you spend your time well while you’re here!

Morning – take a walk

Amsterdam is loved by tourists, and with good reason. The historical buildings, the unique canals and the many important museums draw millions of people to our capital every year. In 2018 alone, there were 16.9 million overnight stays in Amsterdam hotels. Most tourists were from our own country, Great Britain and the United States. Tourists from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain are close behind (source: Tourism in Amsterdam – Research, Information and Statistics Municipality Amsterdam).

So start your day in Amsterdam early, if you want to have some of the city for yourself. That’s why you should start with a nice fresh morning walk by the canals or in one of the many parks in the city. See people and animals wake up by the Herengracht, enjoy the rising sun in the Rembrandtpark or watch the boats on the IJ, which will get more and more crowded. Enough to see at dawn.

Afternoon – see the monkeys

Enough of exploring the streets of Amsterdam? Then you could visit Artis, the beautiful authentic city zoo in the Plantagebuurt. Over the past few years, Artis has gone through a lot of renovations. By reducing the number of animals and building new, bigger accommodation, the zoo improved the lives of many animals. Furthermore, the gardens and parks of Artis are worth taking a walk in. Did you know that all plants and flowers that grow here are edible for the animals?

Late afternoon – cheese and wine tasting

All this walking around will make you hungry and thirsty. Time for some refreshments! We recommend going to one of the cosy locations of Amsterdam Cheese Store. Tip: reserve a cheese and wine tasting. While enjoying fitting wines, you can enjoy various Old Amsterdam-cheeses and you can also learn something. Because you can learn to taste cheese, by distinguishing the spices, textures and flavours. The tasting takes place in our location at Damrak 62!

Evening – take a boat tour

End the day in a relaxed manner with an evening boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam. If you look at the city from the water, it will look surprisingly different. Furthermore, the cosy lights on bridges and in streets will create a special atmosphere during the dusk. We can think of no better way to end the day!

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