All of us are very busy. Fulltime jobs are combined with a busy social life, kids, sports and various other activities. That is why every now and then, after a busy day at work, it’s time for an outing. Because after exertion comes relaxation! Teambuilding important A happy employee is
Wonderful, the sun is shining! Outdoor life can start again! Terraces are full, you can go cycling without a coat, and yes, even going for a run is no longer a hardship during the summer season. So go out! In these 6 parks in Amsterdam, you can have a wonderful
A day, a weekend, a week… secretly we think that you can never be in Amsterdam long enough to really get to know the city. That makes it even more important that you spend your time well while you’re here! Morning – take a walk Amsterdam is loved by tourists,
Winter in Amsterdam
Are you visiting Amsterdam during the winter? Lucky you! The city isn’t just fun in the sun, but also in the winter. There are plenty of options for a nice activity with friends, family or colleagues. We made a little list with some of the best activities to do during
Bachelorette party? Try a wine and cheese tasting!
Planning a bachelorette party can be a pretty tough job. Drinks, food, activities; it’s all a part of the planning. Have you ever thought of a Cheese Tasting in Amsterdam as a bachelorette party? You have all good things combined here: fun, wine, cheese and of course; the bachelorette and
Experience Amsterdam like a Dutchie!
Visiting Amsterdam for the weekend or a holiday and want to explore Amsterdam like a Dutchie? You will find all the recommendations for a Dutch way of exploring the capital of Holland. In this way it will be a true Amsterdam Experience! The Dutch way: by bike The first tip
Cheese tasting during a romantic weekend in Amsterdam
Are you planning a romantic weekend in Holland? Think about going to Amsterdam. It may sound like ‘the big city’ for bachelor parties, going out and big festivals; but in Amsterdam there are plenty of calm places and back areas to relax and enjoy the calm parts of the city.
A nice furnished cheese platter? Ask for advice!
Some people like sweet, others like savoury. Even though this differences, there is one thing most people like: a good cheese platter. As dessert, as a bite with some drinks or as a part of the meal. With a cheese platter you can never go wrong. But it is important
Old Amsterdam Cheese Store kaasproeverij met passende wijn
Finally! After a long week of working it's time for Friday afternoon drinks! Of course, you can get your regular beers and wine from the fridge at the office, put some crisps in a can and maybe fry some 'bitterballen', but you can also make it a little more luxurious.
If you’re looking for cultural activities in Amsterdam, you’ve probably noticed that there’s enough to do in Amsterdam. In this article you find 10 special museums in Amsterdam. Whether you would like to go to a museum about photography, the city Amsterdam or culture all over the world; for culture