Experience Amsterdam in a unique way

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Netherlands? Of course, it’s cheese. Therefore, you should not miss a chance to taste or buy this famous Dutch bite. At Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you will find cheese specialties you have never heard about before, like green pesto cheese or chili cheese. Real cheese lovers can even complete their Amsterdam experience with a cheese and wine tasting in one of the stores.

History of Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

Are you familiar with the ‘Old Amsterdam’? During this period between 1602 and 1672, the Netherlands became famous through their globe-spanning trade. Cheese was one of our most popular export products, and if you have tasted the Old Amsterdam cheese you will know why for sure! In order to introduce the great taste of cheese to the rest of the world, the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store opened its first shop in 2013. Now you can buy and taste all kinds of cheese in one of the three stores located in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Best tasting experience of Amsterdam

Do you want to try something new during your stay in Amsterdam? Experience the great flavors of our Old Amsterdam cheese and Old Amsterdam cheese by a cheese tasting. During this 1-hour cheese tasting you will learn how cheese is made and what is the best way to taste it. The cheeses are served with a number of specially selected wines, grapes and fig bread. An interactive quiz is part of the deal too, and after the tasting you will receive a free souvenir to remember your cheese experience in Amsterdam.

Take your Amsterdam experience home

Do you want to take your Amsterdam experience home? It is possible. At the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you can buy cheese as a souvenir package. Because the cheese is made from pasteurized milk and vacuum sealed, all the cheeses are allowed for traveling. You can also order your favorite cheese in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store webshop. All cheeses can be shipped worldwide and will be packed in strong cardboard boxes and cool packs to keep the quality during shipping. Moreover, Old Amsterdam Cheese Store offers great shipping rates.

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store B.V.

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1012 LM Amsterdam
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