About Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

During the 17th century, the Netherlands became famous through its globe-spanning trade. It is with this in mind that the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store wishes to introduce the rest of the world to its cheese souvenirs.

In March 2013 the Old Amsterdam Cheese store started with their first store in Amsterdam, the unique concept is to sell cheese as a souvenir package. Because the cheese is made from pasteurized milk and vacuum sealed all these cheeses are allowed for traveling.

In January 2015 the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store opened a special Cheese tasting room for people to experience the flavors of Amsterdam.

During this tasting experience you will find out how cheese is made and will be able to tell the difference between various kinds of cheese. The cheeses will be sampled along with a number of specially selected wines that best complement each one.

In February 2015 the Old Amsterdam Cheese store introduced their web shop. In the web shop you can order your cheese online which makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite cheeses back home.